About Us:

What we offer
At Maple Driving School, we train novice drivers of all ages according to M.T.O's approved Beginner Driver Education curriculum. After completion of the required hours under the M.T.O guidelines, all students are eligible to get the maximum insurance discount benefits. We process this through an on-line certification transaction procedure.

Our instructors are well qualified, backed up with certificates from Ontario Safety League. We are proudly serving North York since 1985.

School Environment

Comfortable classroom environment
We strive to provide the best learning experience for students taking beginner driver education.

We believe that one of the elements to stimulate positive learning is through a good classroom environment.

A comfortable class room promotes cooperation and interaction between instructors and students.

Learning Tools

Educational Materials

During the course of the in-class session, educational materials such as Computer Presentations, Movies and Video Clips, Miniature cars for driving simulation, Books and Flash Cards will be used.