In-Class Lessons:


Listed below are the topics covered by Maple Driving School’s ‘Beginner Driver Education’ curriculum.

In-class lessons are scheduled within 4 days at 5 hours per class.


  • Discuss the benefits of driving education and define key elements of a well disciplined driver
  • Define what makes a responsible driver. Define Knowledge, Skill, and Attitude.
  • Traffic Signs, Signals, Road/Pavement marking
  • Vehicle and its components
  • Safety devices including the proper use of seatbelts, mirrors, steering
  • Blind spots, blind areas, and pre-driving habits
  • Maneuvering your vehicle (turns, 3-point turns, parking)
  • How laws of nature affect your driving
  • City driving (intersection, one-way streets, railway, pededstrian walk)
  • Dealing with emergency vehicles, school buses, and large trucks/buses safely
  • How to perform a safe pass (changing lanes)
  • Driving under special conditions (night, heavy rain, winter, and foggy weather)
  • Freeway driving (entering, driving along, exiting)
  • Emergency situations (shoulder parking, do’s and don’ts during emergency situation)
  • Impaired driving definition, consequences, and avoidance.
  • Collisions and collision avoidance.
  • Detailed Road Test preparation.

Knowledge Corner:


Below are a couple of educational videos we use throughout our lessons.

Simulated video representations of vehicle driving; assist students in achieving a concise understanding of operating a vehicle.


The videos are only viewable on Firefox and Chrome.

Video shows object visibility and blind spots when inside a car.

Video shows how a curved path greatly affects a drivers visibility
during night time driving.